Call on Queensland Government to build our clean energy future!

Queenslanders are feeling the heat from climate change. We just saw the earliest start of the bushfire season. And many of us are still recovering from last summer that saw heatwaves in the south east, floods in Townsville and bushfires in Rocky. 

All this and we’re also doing it tough - with the jobs of the past no longer serving us and our communities anymore. More and more young people have to move out of the regions and into the city just to find a job.

Only shifting to clean energy and creating thousands of new jobs in the process will let us protect the places we love and the unique way of life Queenslanders enjoy today.

Queensland has an opportunity to lead the country by building renewable energy projects that are owned and operated by us - not private for-profit companies. We can reap the rewards of our hard work, powering our towns and our economy with clean energy from the wind and sun.

Will you sign the pledge calling on the Queensland Government to invest in building clean energy, and creating thousands of new jobs Queenslanders can be proud of?

Will you sign?

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