Stand Up for Our Right to Peaceful Protest

Throughout history, everyday people have taken part in peaceful protests like rallies to stand up for the issues they care about - like climate change, women's rights or land rights. But legislation about to hit the Parliament could criminalise those participating in peaceful protests to defend our future and human rights.

Right now, Members of Parliament need to feel the weight of public pressure to amend this Bill, which could see people given a prison sentence for holding a peaceful rally outside an MP’s office.

Will you send a message to your local MP about the important role of peaceful protest in creating change and the need to stand up against this Bill?

We drafted a small message for you, but we encourage you to rewrite it and make it your own - that way the MP will have to read them all.

Here are some ideas to get you started on a subject line: make it uniquely yours!

  • Protect our right to protest
  • Don’t punish peaceful protest
  • Stand up for civil society

Here are some pointers on what to include in your message:

  • A story about a campaign that has inspired you, where peaceful protest was key in achieving change
  • Why you value the work of organisations like AYCC and Seed who use protest to stand up for action on climate change

If we keep up this pressure we can make sure these bills are dumped for good, and ensure we can continue fighting for climate justice.