Call on the Enviro Minister to Prosecute Adani

Last year Adani breached its pollution licence by more than 800 percent, releasing toxic coal slurry from its Abbot Point port into the Great Barrier Reef

Now secret documents prove that Adani and the Queensland Government knew they’d exceed even their special pollution licence. Adani know they're in the wrong – they spent a year trying to block these documents.

Adani broke the law. And they got away with it scot-free.

That's why we're demanding Queensland Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Leeanne Enochhold Adani to account for unlawfully releasing toxic coal slurry into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

Will you call her office today?

Leeanne Enoch
Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef
Phone: (07) 3719 7140

Key talking points: (just pick out the bits you’re comfortable with)

  • The documents revealed today about Adani’s Reef spill shows that both the QLD govt and Adani both knew it was likely that toxic coal polluted water would be released into the Caley Valley Wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef, this is unacceptable
  • The QLD govt and Adani must both respect the law.
  • Environment Minister Enoch last week claimed that Queensland has some of the strictest environmental measures in the world and that Adani will be subject to them, yet they are yet to be prosecuted for their failures.
  • With just weeks before the opportunity is lost, the QLD government and environment minister Enoch must prosecute Adani for failing to protect the Reef and Caley Valley wetlands from coal pollution.
  • This whole saga again proves that Adani can’t be trusted with the Reef, our environment or groundwater, this mine and rail project should not go ahead - the QLD government must stop Adani.

Calling tips:

  • When you call you may be talking to a staff member and not a politician, ask them to leave a message
  • Be polite and encouraging, but firm!
  • Express the urgency of the need to prosecute Adani before the opportunity is lost.

Authorised by G. Borgo-Caratti, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, 60 Leicester St, Carlton 3053

Call (07) 3719 7140

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