PM sack climate denier Craig Kelly as Chair of Environment Committee

Malcolm, if you're serious about climate action sack MP Craig Kelly as Chair of your Environment and Energy Committee.

It’s 2016. We have all come to terms with the fact that the climate is changing and it’s caused by mining and burning fossil fuels. That is, except some politicians in your government.

It's outrageous that this week, climate denier Liberal MP Craig Kelly has been appointed chairman of your Environment and Energy committee which is responsible for making recommendations about climate legislation1. You're kidding right?!

So who is Craig Kelly anyway? Liberal MP from Sutherland Shire, NSW, opposed the carbon price and attended rallies with Abbot under the ‘Ditch the Witch’ sign, hates wind farms and is a climate denier2.

If the Turnbull Government is any different from the Abbot Government and serious about the Paris climate agreement just signed then appointing a sceptic who doesn’t believe in proven science to make key decisions for a safe energy future is not the place to start. 

Can you sign this petition right now calling on PM Malcolm Turnbull to sack MP Craig Kelly as Chair of the Environment and Energy committee? 

We know that the next few years are critical for urgent action on climate change, we can’t afford for a climate sceptic to back and advocate for false solutions. As our elected representatives, our MP’s have a duty to back proven, settled science and advocate for real solutions as the effects of climate change worsen and we intend on holding the Turnbull Government accountable.


To the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull if you're serious about taking action on climate change then sack and replace MP Craig Kelly as Chairman of your Environment Committee.

Will you sign?

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