Save our water and block the massive handout to Adani's coal mine

Premier Palaszczuk has committed to block the $1 billion loan to Adani's mega coal mine.

Now we need to call on Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls MP to rule out giving a billion dollars to a billionaire.

Adani’s plan to dig a massive coal mine will pollute our water and Reef. A Government led by Labor or LNP can stop the disastrous Adani coal mine by refusing to funnel money from a Federal Government slush fund to billionaire Adani.

We are calling the leaders to:

  1. Block the $1 billion taxpayer loan to Adani to safeguard our water and climate from this coal mine

  2. Tear up the mining licenses and environment approvals for the Adani mine

Countless reports have revealed the devastating effects of Adani’s business operations. Polluted water, environmental destruction, accusations of bribery and corruption. This company cannot be trusted. Together we can stop the loan and stop Adani.



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