Sign: No New Coal Power, Renewables Now!

This week, Scott Morrison released an energy plan that could see the Government finance new coal power stations and the retrofit of old and dying ones.

This comes just after leading scientists confirmed that we must phase coal out of our energy mix immediately to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

We know that renewables are the best way forward for energy affordability and ensuring a safe climate future. Our leaders should be backing solar, wind power and battery storage to ensure sustainable jobs and a healthy planet. 

It's time to support coal communities in a just transition to the jobs of the future, while taking climate change seriously.

After throwing their last energy policy in the bin, toppling a Prime Minister over it, and just losing a by-election in a seat where climate action was the number one issue for voters, surely the Coalition should have figured out that climate change is a huge priority for Australians.

Sign now to show you want real action on climate change and clean energy.

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