Call Palaszczuk: Don't Fund Adani

Make sure the Queensland Government feels the pressure against funding for Adani - call (07) 3719 7000 now

Last year, Premier Palaszczuk announced her Government would veto public funding for Adani's coal mine. Yet new reports show the Queensland Government is still actively considering handing over up to $100 million to support the road upgrades Adani's mine needs to go ahead. 

Palaszczuk is on the record as stating "we have said no state funding for Adani". Right now, she needs to know that people across the country are watching and reject taxpayer funding for a billionaire's dirty coal mine.

Use the talking points below to help you make a call. Take a deep breath and don't stress, they'll be nice on the phone!

  • Hi there, my name is XXXX and I'm from XXXX. I'm calling because I'm concerned about reports the Queensland Government is considering finance for road development in support of Adani's Carmichael coal mine.
  • Like most people across the country, I am against taxpayer funding for this coal mine and I want to urge the Government to keep your election promise and rule out funding that supports this project.
  • I am deeply concerned about the impacts of Adani's mine for water, land, the climate and the Great Barrier Reef.

Let us know how you go!


Call the Premier today and stop public funds to Adani

(07) 3719 7000

Will you call?