How to Paint the Town

Why paint the town and why now?

With the Federal election just around the corner this is a critical time to engage our communities on the climate solutions that we need political leaders to commit to. By painting the town with posters about climate justice we’ll make it a visible issue in our neighbourhoods, and collect results for our community survey. 

If we’re going to push political leaders to implement climate solutions, they need to know that our communities are also calling for change. The community survey asks about climate impacts and solutions,  so we can capture stories from our neighbours to engage with the media and our political representatives in the lead up to the Federal election.

How to paint the town

  • Edit the poster template to add your suburb or local area here, or print out our standard poster here
  • Print off your posters in A4, AYCC will cover the printing costs, please follow this reimbursement process:
  • You can print up to $30 worth of posters and get reimbursed by AYCC, anything above $30 cannot be reimbursed
  • Use this guide to get a reimbursement. The budget is ‘Campaigns’ - please send all receipts to Lee on [email protected] with the subject line ‘Paint the town reimbursement.’ 
  • Read the covid safety guidelines below and make sure you follow them to take covid safe action. 
  • Contact local cafes and businesses in your area (if you’re in lockdown restrictions make sure this is within the area you are currently permitted to travel to) via email, phone call and social media - ask your favourite local cafe if they will put up our community survey posters in the cafe or shop window for passers by or customers waiting in line to fill out. Check out the draft email and messages here to edit and send. 
  • Once you have a response and permission for local businesses, shops and cafes, deliver the posters and ask for the poster to be put up so you can take a photo and share on social media. 
  • Paint the town around the local cafes, shops and businesses on telegraph poles and council approved poster locations (research your local council area to find community poster boards). 

Remember, when postering, make sure you follow any relevant council rules  and regulations for public property and if on private property, make sure you have permission from the owner or occupier.

Hot tips

  • Take cello tape or blue tac with you to encourage the local businesses to put up the posters straight away. 
  • On social media? Take a photo of the poster once it’s up at your local cafes and shops and tag the cafe/shop and AYCC (@youth4climatejustice) to increase awareness and visibility of the paint the town action (local businesses love free promotion so it’s a great way to say thank you - and by tagging AYCC we can share your post on our social media too). 
  • Worried about delivering the posters because of lock down? Offer to mail them to the local businesses you have reached out to - AYCC can reimburse you for the postage costs, please follow the reimbursement process here. 
  • Not in lockdown? Consider skipping reaching out to local businesses, shops and cafes online and head straight to talking to them in person, we know face to face conversations are the most powerful and convincing (reaching out online is helping us with a covid safe approach to engaging local businesses and painting the town for climate justice solutions). You could also collect survey results and local markets stalls or events. 
  • Why ‘climate action’ not ‘climate justice’ on the poster? We need to meet people where they’re at and most people will recognise and resonate with the term climate action. If you think your community will connect with the term ‘climate justice’ you can edit the poster template here
  • Stuck at home or not able to paint the town? You can take action by painting your digital town - your social media channels! Share our social media version of the poster and link to the communities survey using these squares and this link to the community survey:
  • Got questions or need help? Use the #support-campaign slack channel to ask questions and get extra support. Not on slack? Join here!

 COVID-19 safety guidelines: 

 Make sure you comply with any relevant restrictions in your state. 

  1. Physical distancing: Please practice physical distancing. We must stay  1.5m away from everyone at all times.  
  2. Wear a mask: Comply with any mask wearing health guidelines in your state and wear a mask where necessary (especially indoors). 
  3. Hygiene: When postering, please stay safe, use hand sanitiser or disinfecting wipes where necessary and avoid touching too many surfaces.  We ask that you also practice proper hand and sneeze/cough hygiene.  

 Please do not poster if:  

  • You’re experiencing flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, headache, etc). 
  • You should not go out postering until you have fully recovered or are  given the all clear from your doctor.
  • You are otherwise unwell until fully recovered and medically cleared. 
  • You have been overseas or interstate, have attended any hotspots or venues listed as possible for community transmission in the last 14 days. Self quarantine is recommended.