Origin: Don't Frack the NT

Origin Energy is one of Australia's biggest energy companies and while they love their "good energy" vibes, they have a big fracking problem.

Origin Energy are planning to frack the Beetaloo Basin in the NT, which would release the equivalent of up to 117 million tonnes of carbon.(1) That's like building and operating 50 new coal-fired power stations for 30 years!(2) It's more than a bad idea- it's unbelievably dangerous.

This summer, we saw what catastrophic climate change looks like and Origin's fracking plans will make that so much worse.

Traditional Owners have consistently said NO to fracking on their country. Fracking could seriously contaminate precious water sources and would be catastrophic to community, culture and country.  

We need Origin management to be hearing from thousands of people all around Australia who do not want Origin to go ahead with their plans to frack.

Will you register your concern with Origin Energy?


(1) Jane Bardon, "How the Beetaloo gas field could jeopardise Australia's emissions target", ABC News, 29/2/2020
(2) The Australia Institute, "NT Gas compared to coal-fired power plants"


Australians are already on the frontlines of catastrophic climate change here and now.

You wouldn't build and operate 50 new coal-fired power stations- so why are planning to frack the Beetaloo Basin?!

It's the same amount of emissions being released.

As young people, we want a safe and sustainable climate future with good energy like solar and wind, not dirty energy like gas!

We need Origin to keep NT gas in the ground.

Will you register your concern with Origin Energy?

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