Adani announced today that the Carmichael mine will be rolled out in “stages”, making it easier to secure finance. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) is demanding political leadership from Labor to commit to stopping the mine before construction can begin.

“Adani’s frontpage news today of their changed mine plans change nothing for a generation of young people who are looking down the barrel of a future of extreme weather events and heat.” AYCC National Director, Gemma Borgo-Caratti, said.  

“This mine would be devastating for land, water and our climate. Adani is scrambling to get this project off the ground before the Federal election, because they know they don’t have the public on side.

“When over two thirds of Australians can see straight through the project and don’t want it to happen, you have to ask yourself: why are our major parties continuing to back this?

“While wealthy coal companies try to buy our politicians in exchange for special treatment, everyday Australians are saying enough is enough, and campaigning in huge numbers to stop new coal mines like Adani in the lead up to a Federal Election,” Gemma said.

The AYCC has hundreds of young volunteers on the ground in marginal electorates, meeting with MPs and candidates, doorknocking their communities and gearing up for a huge Federal election campaign with one message: no more coal mines.

“If Bill Shorten wants to look committed to climate action - the number one issue in the recent Wentworth by-election - he needs to grow a spine and rule out support for Adani’s mine right now.

“This is an issue that could decide votes for millions of Australians, and that will definitely decide whether we as young people have a safe future.

“Each day more members of the Labor Party are speaking up against Adani’s toxic mine. It’s time for Bill Shorten to listen to the public and those within his own party, and take a stand against the mine.

“When projects are not in the public interest because they are dangerous, destructive and deeply unpopular, it should be a no-brainer to stop them from going ahead. With only a decade to act and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we cannot afford to put short-term profits ahead of our future.” Gemma concluded.  

Gemma is available for interview. For interviews and media enquiries:

Alex Fuller - Communications Manager, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

P. 0437316331 E.