No handouts for Adani - call Jackie Trad

Call Deputy Premier Jackie Trad today to let her know that the people of Queensland don't want Adani's mine to go ahead, and need her to hold strong on not allowing special discounts for Adani. 

Pick up the phone, remain calm, and follow the talking points below to help you through the conversation. Then let us know how it goes using the form on the right. 

Thank you - this makes a huge impact.

Phone: (07) 3724 9100


Talking points:

Hi there, my name is (insert name), from (insert suburb) i'm calling your office today to ask Deputy Premier Jackie Trad to stay strong and not give Adani free money for their Carmichael mine.

If this Government gives Adani five years of free coal that would be a broken election promise.

I don't support the Adani's mine project and it's associated infrastructure going ahead. I don't believe it is critical to QLD's future. I think that it's critical for the Reef and our climate that the project doesn't go ahead.

This week we heard that half of our Great Barrier Reef may be dead1. This Government must act on this. we want no more coal and no more excuses. We need to protect Queensland's greatest asset.

The Government keeps using figures that the courts have said is just Adani's lies. The jobs for Queensland would only total 1,464 at most, not the tens of thousands that the Government and Adani claim2

The industries that rely on the Great Barrier Reef employ over 70,000 people3

Investing in our future and protecting the Reef is the only responsible choice.

Will Deputy Premier Trad commit to ensuring Adani isn't given special treatment and doesn't get free money through a royalty-free period?





Call Jackie Trad's office today and tell her to hold strong and say no to handouts for Adani: (07) 3724 9100

Will you sign?

Help us reach our goal of 64 calleds