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    Open Letter - Queensland Renewable Recovery - AYCC

    Premier Palaszczuk - it’s time for a #RenewableRecovery for Queensland

    Coronavirus is one of the toughest challenges currently facing Queenslanders, but we always stand together in a crisis and build back stronger than before. That’s why thousands of young Queenslanders are raising their voices alongside unions, families, small businesses, schools and community groups, calling for a Queensland #RenewableRecovery.

    As part of an economic response to the coronavirus health crisis, we ask the Queensland Government to deliver:

    • Tens of thousands of new jobs with great wages and conditions, through the public construction and operation of large-scale renewable energy projects in our regions
    • Affordable clean energy for all, through public ownership of renewable energy assets
    • Action on climate change, by powering our homes, our towns, and our economy with new public-owned renewable assets, and exporting our clean energy to the rest of the country

    Queenslanders know that the future is what we make it. We need long term solutions to deliver jobs we are proud of and action on climate change. And our Sunshine state should be a leader in clean energy. Together, we will make powering our communities with the wind and sun affordable, by keeping ownership in Queenslanders’ hands.

    Yes, I support a Queensland #RenewableRecovery, and will add my signature to this Open Letter:



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    Take Action in Queensland

    The climate crisis is happening NOW. We know colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy are some of the big causes. So let's fix it together.

    We need people who're are committed to learning about and dismantling these systems of oppression. We're all about young people leading projects and campaigns with all the skills you need to do it confidently. You'll learn new skills and have real impact.

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    Check out AYCC's general volunteer policy here

    If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young person who is passionate about climate change, you should get involved in the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network here

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    At the coalface

    I want to share with you the incredible work of a group of young people in Townsville - who have kickstarted a local AYCC chapter and are out there building community support for climate action.


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