10 reasons why we are hella nervy about Adani again


Us rn, pls help.

1. QLD Government has showed its true colours and has given the Carmichael coal mine “critical infrastructure” status

After getting elected on a “save the Reef” platform, QLD Labor have spit in the face of everyone who had faith in them to stop this project by giving the project “critical infrastructure” status. Basically a free kick for Adani to show how much the QLD Government loves them (and coal).


Lol the only thing critical about this project is the state it will leave our planet and the Great Barrier Reef

2. Adani are hiring

You know shit is getting real when Adani start advertising for jobs on the Carmichael project. This should be a 🚨 SOUND THE ALARM🚨 moment for all of us who care about leaving this coal in the ground. If they’re hiring, obvs they think this project is going ahead. WE REPEAT, SHIT IS GETTING REAL. ALERT.  


3. The coal price is up

For most of the last 2 years, the price of coal has stayed at about $60/tonne - too cheap to make Adani’s mine financially viable. But since September, the price has risen to $100/tonne, making the project look tasty for Adani again, even though economists predict that the trend won’t last long.


 4. Reef is dying (but it’s not dead)

Have you seen that depressing “obituary for the Great Barrier Reef” going around the internet? It made some scientists really mad because it’s scientifically incorrect (you know how those scientists love facts), and they don’t want people to stop trying to save it. 

Although the Reef has just sweated through its worst ever bleaching event, all hope is not lost. But we really need to stop mining and burning fossil fuels and stop fucking up the planet tbh.


5. Traditional Owners are STILL saying no

In order for the mine to go ahead, Adani need an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) from the Traditional Owners. There are currently four legal challenges against the mine. So the question is, will the Queensland government step in and compulsorily acquire their land for Adani? How? Under the new "critical infrastructure" status, government can extinguish all land and native title rights of Traditional Owners for 99 years and claim the land as crown land... yep read that again and no it's not 1788.

6. The Feds could make it rain sweet taxpayer dollars on the project


There’s this federal pot of cash called the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) that we’re pretty sure Adani and the QLD government have applied to to build this project. That’s taxpayer money for an Indian coal company to destroy the Great Barrier Reef and our climate.

7. The sneaky QLD Government will give Adani free water for their coal mine

In a hella dank move, the Queensland Government is giving Adani another kind of special treatment, giving them access to free groundwater. The last time the critical infrastructure legislation was used was to secure water resources for Queenslanders at a time of drought when the state was facing potential water shortages.

This time it is being used to enable a private coal project by a dodgy foreign mining company that pays no tax in Australia, in order to allow them access to free water without being subject to community appeal, in order to build a thermal coal mine that would fuel global warming and wreck the Great Barrier Reef.

Literally 84% of Queensland is in a drought and the government thinks it’s a good idea to give free groundwater to a coal mine, while farmers have to pay… lol you suck, Queensland Govt.

 8. The project has downsized to a $4billion project, making it cheaper to bankroll

Downsizing the project might sound like a great thing, but actually it makes it easier for Adani to raise the cash they need to start digging next year. Last year AYCC and Seed, along with our friends in the movement successfully got NAB and CommBank to rule out investing in Adani. We’ve got an important job of making sure Westpac and ANZ do the same… stay tuned for how to get involved in that.


 #tbt to that time we got CommBank to not fund climate disaster

9. It’s still a MF climate disaster

It’s only October, but that doesn’t seem to matter: NASA is basically sure 2016 will go down as the hottest year in recorded history. This is not the time to keep digging up and burning fossil fuels tbh. Also literally 84% of Queensland is suffering through a drought rn sooooo..... quit it with the coal love.

10. It’s defs still a very scary project, by a very dodgy company that hate losing against environmentalists.

We really need everyone fired up and ready to stop this project. From putting pressure on the Federal government not to fund it, to making it an issue the banks can’t ignore, to anything else we can throw at the government.

Srsly everyone needs to get back into this campaign so we can stop this project for good.


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