Murdoch Advertisers: Stop Propping Up Climate Denial

NewsCorp’s Andrew Bolt has called global warming “a good thing” that creates “a greener planet”.

It’s part of the Murdoch Media’s huge misinformation campaign designed to prevent any action on climate change in response to the bushfire crisis.

But the Murdoch Media has a weak spot, it relies heavily on advertising. So when big advertisers like Qantas start standing up, they’ll have no choice but to listen.

That’s why thousands of young people (and allies!) are signing an open letter to Qantas and other big Murdoch advertisers – shining the spotlight directly on the role they’re playing in propping up climate denial.

Can you sign the Open Letter to Qantas and other big Murdoch advertisers calling on them to stand up to the Murdoch Media’s dangerous misinformation campaign?

To Qantas and other advertisers,

We call on you to demand the Murdoch Media stop running their dangerous misinformation campaign about the impacts of climate change and the bushfire crisis.

Sign the open letter!

Help us reach our goal of 5,910 signatures