This Election, Young People Sent a Clear-Cut Message for Climate Action, and We’re Never Backing Down

A growing and courageous youth movement has kept climate change front and centre for voters, politicians and in the media throughout the 2019 Federal election campaign - and thousands of young people are fired up to hold the next term of government accountable to step up and protect our future.

“This election was defined by whether you will act on climate change, and young people made that happen. Not only were both the major parties framing their climate policies (or lack thereof) in terms of impacts on future generations, but climate change consistently polled as a top issue for voters,” Gemma Borgo-Caratti, National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, said today.

“While far right forces and big fossil fuel companies poured money into frightening Queensland communities, making people fear for their jobs, we’re building a grassroots movement who can see through the scare tactics and are envisioning a brighter future for everyone in this country, with clean and sustainable jobs that don’t sacrifice our climate,

If the incoming Coalition Government think they can continue ignoring questions about climate change and propping up the big polluters, they have another thing coming. This election saw young people step up and fight for our future like never before - and we are never backing down,” Gemma said.

In recent months, the power of thousands of young people with a shared vision for a safe and just future saw:

  • 150,000 people take to the streets during the March School Strike 4 Climate

  • 75 actions coordinated actions in a single day outside MP offices across the country just weeks out from the election

  • Record high levels of youth voter enrolment, with 88.8% of eligible 18-25 year olds enrolling to vote for their future

  • More than 55 local AYCC groups running doorknocks, community forums, stalls and creative actions in the months leading up to the election to ensure a public mandate for climate leadership

  • 50,000 scorecards distributed in over 50 seats on election day

“More young people have been engaged in this election than ever before, and it’s setting the tone for a better future,” student striker and AYCC volunteer Anica Renner, 15, said today.

“To change the state of politics in this country and protect our shared future and environment from climate change, we have to break the power of the fossil fuel industry in Parliament. Only then will our politicians stop putting the profits of big polluters ahead of our future.

“Luckily, hundreds of thousands of young people are fired up and willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. No matter the government of the day, the youth climate movement will be here fighting for real climate action - which means leaving fossil fuels in the ground and a just transition for workers to the jobs of the future,” Gemma concluded.

Gemma is available for interview. For media enquiries contact 0437 316 331.