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What is Climate Justice Bootcamp?

Climate Justice Bootcamps are hosted by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

This spring, Climate Justice Bootcamps will connect hundreds of diverse young people in different cities as part of a national movement. It will be our biggest, boldest nationwide training ever.  Young people with various racial, ethnic & cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexualities and abilities will come together to build relationships, share skills and plan campaigns for climate justice.

Run by and for young people, Climate Justice Bootcamp is a weekend of training, skill-sharing and networking that’s open to any young person. This isn’t a conference or a talkfest - it’s a launchpad for real action and hard-hitting campaigns to solve the climate crisis.

Over two days, you’ll hear from seasoned activists who know how to win campaigns for social change, and meet other people who care as much as you do about creating a better, fairer future.

Plus, we'll plan powerful campaigns to stop Australia’s biggest coal and gas projects and drive the clean energy transition we need - and give you the chance to put your new skills into action!


Why should I come along?

This will be our biggest, boldest nationwide training ever. Hundreds of young people from all over will gather in every state and territory to supercharge their skills in campaigning, leadership, community organising, communications, and so much more.

You’ll gain skills and inspiration you can take forward to make a difference on any issue that you’re passionate about.

Whether you’ve just heard of the AYCC and Seed, or you’ve been volunteering with us for years, this Bootcamp is perfect for you, and we can’t wait to see you there. You’ll meet people from your community who want to change the world, and connect with a national and global movement of young people fighting for a safe and just future.

Why now?

We’re nearing the end of the critical decade for action to stop the worst impacts of climate change. It’s going to take a powerful movement of young people to stand up for a safe climate future, powered by renewable energy.

Stopping dangerous, climate-cooking fossil fuel projects - like shale gas fracking in the NT and Adani’s coal mine in Queensland - is the fight of our times. If these projects go ahead, they would destroy our shot at a safe climate future, so it’s up to us to stop them.

At the same time, we’re building solutions to the climate crisis from the ground up. Schools around the country are repowering with solar energy - but we need more people to get involved to build the scale we need.

The last 18 months have been huge for our movement. Young people across the country have been organising in their communities, knocking on doors, meeting with politicians, building up leaders and getting in the news to pressure our leaders for climate action and climate justice.

And right now, we’re gearing up for a massive summer of action.  Climate Justice Bootcamp is when we’ll come together, share skills, and make a plan for the year ahead to build our movement, win campaigns and protect our future.