My name’s Ellen - I’m an AYCC volunteer from Townsville. I’m writing from the halls of Parliament House, meeting with senior political leaders to advocate for a safe climate future.

I’m here because I want politicians to know how urgent it is to act on climate change and build big renewables. Young people like me don’t want to be exporting coal, we want Townsville to lead on renewables - it’s so sunny so we’re perfectly placed for solar and North Queensland really needs long-term, safe jobs, not FIFO coal jobs like Adani.

I’m in Canberra with the AYCC team because I wanted to gain experience talking to politicians and do something a bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I am a bit nervous, but I really want to speak up for Townsville and make a difference.

Meeting with Labor Party President Wayne Swan yesterday. That’s me on the right!

I’ve seen and experienced the impacts of climate change firsthand - my house was flooded twice after Cyclone Yasi. The floods destroyed the foundations of the house and forced our family to move because we couldn’t afford to keep repairing the damage. If Adani’s mine goes ahead, climate change will continue to make cyclones and extreme weather events worse.

I want to see Townsville repowered with 100% renewable energy. Young people really need jobs - but we want better, safer, long term jobs that don’t destroy our climate.

I got involved with AYCC because I really wanted to do some volunteering in Townsville, and now I’m leading the new local group. It’s been really fun so far! Our Townsville group is growing fast and right now we’ve got to 20 volunteers taking action.

I hope that our group can build a movement that makes Townsville become a renewable energy super power, and take action to protect our region from climate change. We want to bring in more young people by going to schools and events, getting people active to move Queensland beyond coal. We plan to train 250 young Queenslanders this year. Your support will make sure AYCC volunteers like me can:

  • Run workshops, camps and training summits across the country to give more young people the skills and confidence to run campaigns and build local groups
  • Continue to put the pressure on our political leaders to stop Adani and supercharge renewables - through meetings, rallies, stunts and public forums
  • Bring high school students into the movement for climate justice by supporting them to run local campaigns and repower hundreds more schools with renewable energy.

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Thanks so much for your support. I can’t wait to see the change we’ll create together.

Ellen for the AYCC team