Young People in Queensland Scared and Outraged as the State Government is Bullied to Green-Light Adani’s Coal Mine

Young people across Queensland who care about their future are outraged that the State Government has given into pressure from Adani and today approved the company’s Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan, one of the final state approvals that has been holding Adani back from building their climate-wrecking coal mine.

There are still many Federal approvals Adani need before starting construction and the youth climate movement is fired up to hold our leaders accountable to stop the mine and protect our future.

“Adani want to drain billions of litres of Queensland’s water - which is a huge slap in the face to communities already suffering through drought and water shortages,”  AYCC’s Campaigns Director, Olivia Hill, of Brisbane, said today.

“Today’s announcement shows that the Queensland Government has caved in to Adani’s bullying tactics. This billionaire company wants to get rich quick off their climate-wrecking coal mine and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces when they’ve trashed Queensland’s environment and our climate,”

Adani have proven time and again that they don’t care about Queenslanders. They don’t respect our laws, they’ve already been prosecuted multiple times for illegally starting work and exceeding pollution limits, and have a track record of alleged corruption and workers’ rights abuses. We can’t trust Adani to look out for our communities or the environment,” Olivia said.

“Young people across regional Queensland are already living with the impacts of climate change - from droughts and bushfires to floods. We cannot afford the damage that projects like the Adani mine will do to our climate and our ecosystems,” AYCC community organiser Alicia Walter, of Townsville, said.

We need our leaders to be looking out for our future - thinking about the long-term, sustainable industries we can build, instead of letting companies like Adani trash our environment for generations for the sake of short-term profits,” Olivia Hill said.

“If Adani think that they’ll be able to start work on this mine without a fight, they’ve got another thing coming. A powerful community movement involving millions of people across the continent has held off this destructive project for the last six years and we’re never backing down,” Olivia concluded.

Olivia and Alicia are available for interview. For interview and media enquiries contact Alex on 0437 316 331.