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    Sign the petition: Adani says game on. We say bring it!

    Tell Westpac to ditch fossil fuels!

    Tell Westpac to turn their back on Adani and out of date fossil fuels:

    5,600 signatures

    To Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer, 

    You say you're committed to strong action on climate change. It’s time to prove it. Keeping global warming to below two degrees requires urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - that means ruling out investing in Adani's Carmichael coal mine.

    Your investments are key to avoiding dangerous climate change. If you want to maintain your "World's Most Sustainable Bank" title, you're going to have to do the following: 

    ● Publicly rule out any involvement in Adani's dangerous Carmichael coal mine,

    ● Make no further investments that expand the size of the fossil fuel industry, and

    ● Reduce your exposure to the thermal coal sector to zero by 2020, and all fossil fuels by 2030.


    Thousands of Australians and bank customers.

    Although the Great Barrier Reef has just sweated through its worst ever bleaching event, all hope is not lost. We really need the big banks to stop funding climate destruction and save our reef. This means ditching funding for fossil fuel projects like Adani’s Carmichael coal mine.

    Adani are trying to push ahead to secure financing for a coal project near the Reef, but we will not let them pass us. 

    As Adani ramp up, so do we, every avenue they try, we block.  

    Over the next few weeks we've got to ramp up the pressure on the banks in the lead up to their big annual shareholder meetings. Together we’ll hold them accountable to keeping the Reef and our future safe, and make sure they don’t waste our money on Adani's dangerous coal mine.

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