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    Panel Four

    Power Shift 

    Power Shift is a 3 day youth climate summit that brings together young people from all across the country to change the world.

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    Bill Shorten, it’s time to face the fax, you can’t have a legitimate climate policy if you keep burning coal. It’s time to Stop Adani.

    Fax Bill Shorten to Stop Adani!

    In the lead-up to a Federal election, we're annoying the heck out of our politicians until they commit to stopping Adani and new coal mines.

    You know what's as outdated as coal? Fax machines! 

    Add your message and we'll fax it - with hundreds of others - to Bill Shorten's office. Heaps annoying, and a surefire way to get our point across! 

    Your message can be as short or long as you like. Here are a couple of examples:

    "Dear Mr Shorten, I wanted to express my concern over the Adani Carmichael mine project. In 2018, we cannot afford to open any new coal mines if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Coal power is even more outdated than using a fax machine - and it's time to supercharge renewable energy. Will your party commit to a position against new coal mines?"

    "Dear Mr Shorten, as a young person thinking about my future, I am writing to express my strong opposition to the Adani coal mine - and any new coal mines in the Galilee Basin, which would wreck our chances of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees for a safe climate future. Like fax machines, coal is outdated technology and we don't need it when people right across the world are switching to renewables. I hope your party will commit to a position of no new coal."

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    Repower our Schools

    Young people will be the most affected by the impacts of climate change and decisions made today. For many young people, climate impacts are here and now: from more intense heatwaves in our cities, to increasingly frequent drought and bushfires. It’s so important for our schools to be part of the solution.

    Our plan charts a path for public high schools to repower with clean energy through three main strategies:

    1. School energy audits to improve efficiency,

    2. The installation of a 100kW on every school roof, and

    3. Partnerships with renewable energy providers.

    If every public high school in NSW and Victoria were to install a 100kW solar system on their roof, the results would be game-changing, with the emissions reduction equivalent of taking 24,500 cars off the road.



    At school we learn about climate science and how to be leaders. Now we are putting these skills into practice by repowering our schools. Young people are ahead of the game when it comes to new technology, we’re tired of outdated polluting fossil fuels, so we’re supercharging the transition to clean energy in our own schools.

    Follow the steps below to repower your school

    1. Add your voice: support Australian schools to Repower Australia with 100% renewable energy.  
    2. Lead a campaign in your school and build momentum for action on climate change in your community.  
    3. Repower: Get your school to publicly pledge to be part of the Repower our Schools movement.
    4. Celebrate: tell the whole world how your school is leading the way, and get everyone pumped to make it happen.


    Contact Laura Sykes our National Schools Program Director for more info on how your school can get involved at:

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    Turn the heat up on Labor to #StopAdani

    159 i calleds

    Bill Shorten has hinted that Labor are close to coming out against Adani’s dangerous coal mine.


    Within the next few days they may make a statement against the mine & coal, and in support of transitioning to renewables.

    This is an amazing opportunity to end the bipartisan support for Adani. You can turn up the heat on Labor and call a cabinet member today 🔥

    We need them to make a CLEAR public statement that they don’t support the mine and will rule out ALL taxpayer handouts for Adani.

    Will you call a Labor cabinet member and encourage them to make a clear public statement to #StopAdani?

    Call now:

    Bill Shorten – (03) 9326 1300

    Chris Bowen – (02) 9604 0710

    Jim Chalmers - (02) 6277 4880

    Tony Burke – (02) 6277 4410

    Mark Butler – (02) 6277 4089

    Jason Clare – (02) 6277 4904

    Tanya Plibersek – (02) 6277 4404

    Calling tips:

    • When you call you may be talking to a staff member and not a politician, ask them to leave a message
    • Be polite and encouraging, but firm! This is our future on the line.
    • Talk about why stopping Adani and transitioning away from coal is so important to you.
    • Ask them to come out publicly in the opposition to Adani’s coal mine and make their opposition CLEAR.
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    We need to talk about climate refugees

    As our world’s climate changes rapidly from fossil fuel companies burning dirty coal, oil and gas, it is expected that we will see enormous shifts in mobility and migration throughout the world.

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  • What’s up with extreme weather and climate change

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who has listened to somebody flippantly saying that the climate isn’t changing because “it’s so cold outside.”

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    AYCC Brand

    AYCC's comprehensive brand guide will give you direction on our look and feel. The guide includes logos, fonts, colours, photography and application examples.

    Download AYCC Brand Guide


    Download AYCC Logo (eps, png)
    Download AYCC reverse logo (epspng)

    NOTE: A full suite of logos including full name, byline, Switched on Schools, state branch & local group logos, campaign & program combos, pride logos and more can be downloaded here. Please request access from an AYCC staff member.


    Headline font is HouseSlant.

    It's bold, vibrant and energetic.
    You can download HouseSlant here (free)

    Standard font is Montserrat.

    It’s a simple, friendly and easy to read.
    You can download Montserrat here (free)

    Seed Brand

    Download Seed's Brand Guide

    Download Seed logo (epspng)
    Download Seed reverse logo (epspng)





    You can purchase the Festivo typeface here

    Museo Sans is available on Typekit or you can purchase here

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    Sign up for AYCC and Seed updates

    If you’re concerned about the impact of the climate crisis and want to do something about it, then you should join the AYCC!

    By becoming a member of the AYCC, you’ll be joining a movement of more than 150,000 young Australians who believe that by working together we can ensure a safe climate future for our generation and all generations still to come.

    As a member of the AYCC you’ll receive updates every few weeks to your email, and given opportunities to take strategic actions online and come to events in your local area.

    If you’re interested in doing more, then you should sign up to volunteer in your city or start your own local group. We’ll give you all the resources you need to take action in your community!

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    Empower young Australians to take action on climate change.

    Where the Money Goes

    We are a grassroots network that is grassroots funded. We are powerful because of the support of thousands of Australians - young and old - who believe in a vision for a better, fairer world powered by 100% renewable energy. Your contribution will support young people to be leaders in the climate movement, to run strategic campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and empower young people to realise they can make a difference. 


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