The Palaszczuk government has stated today that funding Adani with public money through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility is a matter for the Federal government and Adani, hammering yet another nail in Adani’s coffin.

“Literally no one wants to take on the risk of funding this mine, because they know Adani will never pay them back, Gemma Borgo-Caratti, National Director of the AYCC said.

“The Turnbull government must now accept the fact that a billion dollar handout for a coal mining billionaire is an unacceptable risk for the public purse, and for our climate.

“Now Palaszczuk must rule out the mine for good, and focus on real clean renewable jobs for Queensland.

“This is a major victory for people power and a short relief for young people who desperately need this coal to stay in the ground if our generation is to stand a chance at a safe climate future.”




The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is Australia’s largest youth run organisation with over 120,000 members who are building a movement to solve the climate crisis before it’s too late.