Okay so, who thinks Leo DiCaprio is hot? *reader screams*

Yep, everyone does. So, who thinks climate change is real? *reader nods*

Who thinks it’s hot that Leo thinks climate change is real? *reader screams again*

 There’s a bunch of research that says celebrities are good for environmental campaigns because they are the new opinion leaders of our society, where politicians are dodgy and social media rulz. With less than a month to go until Australia’s largest youth climate summit, who else could be better to get young people 🔥 + ✊ for climate justice… 

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If we look back to baby Leo, we can see his early roots as a social justice advocate. As Romeo, in Romeo & Juliet Leo shook up the establishment with a couple of kisses on the lips with Claire Danes. That’s right Leo, romance sucks. 

Leo’s love for the environment began in Titanic, Jack knew that if the global warming didn’t exist then the captain of the ship would have seen the iceberg from miles away, dodged it and stayed enroute to North America where he and Rose would go on to live a lush life together, forever. That’s right Leo, global warming sucks.

Today, adult Leo is all for taking down the fossil fuel industry and lends a helping hand to the global environmental movement. His latest doco Before The Flood collects perspectives from around the world on climate change impacts and shakes hands with other smart people who think climate change is real feat. Al Gore. That’s right Leo, coal mines suck.


He also gets climate justice. He sees that Indigenous peoples the world over are first and worst hit by changes to our climate, and the fossil fuel extraction that causes it. He used his long-awaited Oscars speech to highlight this to the world! 

This is why we need you Leo, we need you at our Power Shift. We are ready to shift the power in politics and start the renewables revolution now; this generation will not wait, we are ready to take action on climate change and obviously; young people are the leaders of today, not tomorrow. Young people rule and so do you Leo 💞 

That’s why we are asking you to send a video in solidarity with the Australian youth climate movement. At 9:00PM on Saturday July 8th we will tweet @LeoDiCaprio #Leo4PowerShift #PowerShift2017

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