Last night the government tried to rush through legislation to amend the Native Title Act without consulting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at all.

This is 100% pandering to the mining lobby, namely, Adani.

Sign the petition today and raise the alarm about this outrageous and rushed move to strip our Land Rights.

The Native Title Act is complicated but what is does is so important. It enshrines the right for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make decisions about their land. This is a fundamental right of Indigenous peoples all over the world.

Right now, the government is pandering to their mining mates, that’s the only reason they want to rush these changes through. But it is at the expense of our rights, our people and our country and that is wrong. If enough of us sign this petition to say land rights not mining rights, we can slow this process and change the Native Title Act in a way that works for us, not against us.

Linda Burney, a Wiradjuri woman and the first Aboriginal woman in the House of Representatives rose to call Turnbull and his government out on their offensive process. But would you believe, she was stopped in her tracks as the Government moved a motion to prevent her from even speaking! WTF?

In the week the Closing the Gap Report was tabled and the Redfern Statement was signed in Federal Parliament, we’ve watched this Government say one thing and do another. Malcolm Turnbull said on Tuesday that: 

“The national interest requires a re-commitment to the relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. But there can be no relationship without partnership.

I firmly believe that people must be involved in the process in order to be engaged in the outcomes. It has to be a shared endeavour.”

We need you to stand with us and call for Malcolm Turnbull to keep his promise. We need to be consulted on issues that will continue to affect us. We’ve seen time and time again our Governments consistently do things to us, without us. And it has to stop.

Together we can make this a national issue, where we stand together, Indigenous and non-Indigenous to protect Land Rights, and our climate. Sign and share this important petition and we’ll deliver it at actions across the country in the coming weeks.

For country,

Larissa on behalf of the Seed team.


P.S. Some deadly young Aboriginal woman stood up in Question Time today and shared this important message: Land Rights not mining rights. You can share the message too by changing your profile pic, click here to share.