Labor: Don't Betray Our Climate!

Labor is replacing their strong 2030 emissions reduction target with a 2050 target – a move they admit could let fossil fuel corporations continue to mine monstrous amounts of coal long into the future.

At a time when the Morrison Government is tearing itself apart over its climate policies, we need a opposition party committed to the strong climate action that the crisis we’re facing requires. 

That’s why we must show Labor they won’t win community support by selling out our climate and our futures – in fact, any move to weaken their climate policies will be met with fierce grassroots opposition from young people (and allies) across Australia!

Can you sign the Open Letter to every Labor MP demanding they reinstate a 2030 emissions reduction target?

To all Labor MPs,

We call on you to stand strong to protect our climate, and to reinstate a 2030 emissions reduction target in order to ensure a safe and vibrant future for young people across Australia.

Sign the open letter!

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