Keep Parliament Open!

The Morrison Government is shutting down Parliament until August but we still have a chance to stop it.

Without Parliament, the Coalition will be able to avoid any democratic oversight or accountability as they expand their own powers and limit individual freedoms and liberties. 

Now more than ever we need Parliament to hold the Morrison Government to account if they fail to act in the best interests of our communities. 

That’s why thousands of us are signing an open letter that we’ll send to every MP – calling on them to stand up to Morrison’s power grab and keep Parliament open.

Will you sign this urgent Open Letter to our politicians demanding they #KeepParliamentOpen and represent the interests of our communities?

To all Members of Parliament,

We call on you to Keep Parliament Open during this health crisis. It's more important than ever that the interests of our communities are being represented.

Sign the open letter!

Help us reach our goal of 6,952 signatures