Katya Glogovska

  • donated 2018-07-03 10:08:41 +1000

    Support our Billboard to Stop Adani

    In the lead-up to a Federal election, the Labor Party is in a critical period for finalising their policy position on climate change and energy. We need your help to broadcast a strong message for climate action in Chris Bowen's electorate. 

    Bowen is an influential member of Labor and one of four key influencers blocking the party from stopping Adani. He needs to feel the public pressure for climate action, which starts with stopping new coal mines. 

    We want a billboard that represents the vision of people across the country fighting for climate action.Chip in to fund the billboard and vote for the message you want broadcast loud and clear!



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    Thank you for signing! Will you chip in $8 to stop this dodgy company from getting a billion taxpayer dollars?

    Together, we can send a loud message to our Prime Minister - that a billion taxpayer dollars shouldn't be given to this company. 

    Together, we can ramp up the pressure on PM Turnbull to stop the $1 billion handout by mobilising thousands of young people across the country to make as much noise as possible about this disastrous handout.