Judith O'Neill

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    Chip In to Stop Adani's Last Lifeline

    Together, we just dealt a massive blow to the Adani coal mine. Westpac has ruled out investing in new thermal coal projects, which includes the Adani coal mine. Together with our collective power, grassroots strength and refusal to take ‘no’ for an answer, we finally won!!

    Right now though, the Adani coal mine has one remaining lifeline - Prime Minister Turnbull wants to set aside $1 billion of your money to fund this coal mine. Over the next fortnight, our Government needs to hear from thousands of people about why they should rule out funding this coal mine. The Australian Government needs to see a huge campaign across Australia to show that young people -- their electors -- don't want them to fund this coal mine.

    Together we can build this, and that's why we're asking you today to help build the next steps of our loud and powerful national campaign.

    Will you chip in $27 to stop this outrageous taxpayer-funded handout to a coal mining billionaire?


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