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  • Climate Justice in a Pandemic - Our Plan To Act Together

    We’re in the midst of something totally unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about our lives, and the lives of our friends, family, and communities.

    The health of our families and communities matters most. Yet there's still so much each of us can do to fight for climate justice and put people before fossil fuels. Starting on Wednesday 6th of May, join us for Climate Justice in a Pandemic: Our Plan To Act Together  an online training course where you'll learn how we're building momentum to:

    • End Fossil Fuels in the Northern Territory - by standing with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities fighting to protect their country, culture, and climate from dangerous companies like Origin fracking for dirty gas, and making sure the government doesn't bail those companies out
    • Put Power Generation Into People's Hands - starting with building $2 billion of renewable energy projects owned by the people, for the people, in Queensland
    • Rebuild Our Communities Stronger Than Ever - learning how to empower each other and work together to stand up for those who are most at risk during this time, and build a better & more just future for our communities, particularly in Gippsland VIC, Western Sydney NSW, and Regional Queensland.

    Now is the time for solidarity, for people to come together and help each other - the only way we get through this is together. We’re all experiencing these changes to some degree, but some people are experiencing them much more acutely and negatively than others:

    • Low income families, Aboriginal people, and people with chronic health conditions are impacted the worst by coronavirus – and often have the least access to resources for preventing illness.
    • Asian communities and communities of colour are facing increased racism and vilification from the media, members of the public, and the government’s discriminatory response.
    • Over 1.1 million migrant workers, temporary visa holders, and casual workers are finding themselves without income or a safety net.
    • And as we stay indoors more and more, it will be easy for many to feel isolated – like we're in this alone.

    At the same time, the Morrison Government has appointed a mining CEO to head up the National COVID Coordination Commission, with the military at their disposal.  The fossil industry is taking advantage of this health crisis to push their dirty agenda. So far, it’s working - with the government already calling for immediate expansions to coal mines and new gas projects.

    That's why we’re launching Climate Justice in a Pandemic: Our Plan To Act Together  so you can come together with young people from all across the country to explore what solidarity and intersectional action for climate justice looks like together, and learn how we can make sure our leaders put people before fossil fuels.

    You’ll learn everything you need to make connections between systems that disadvantage communities during this crisis and the systems responsible for climate change; how to take effective action for climate justice now and in the context of a pandemic; and where you can develop your leadership skills to continue organising and campaigning for climate justice from the safety of our homes


    Running from Wednesday the 6th of May until Wednesday the 27th of May, this training will consist of 4 sessions delivered over 4 weeks.

    Each session goes for 2 hours and 10 minutes, and starts at:

    • 3.50pm WA time
    • 5.20pm SA, NT time
    • 5.50pm Vic, Tas, ACT, QLD and NSW time


    • 6th May: Session 1 - The Underlying Problem
    • 13th May: Session 2 - Collective Action
    • 20th May: Session 3 - Campaigning for Justice
    • 27th May: Session 4 - Communicating Justice

     At the end, we want you to be part of our movement. You'll understanding everything you need to connect the climate crisis with the current health crisis, and be able to take action straight away or develop your online leadership and campaigning skills further (with support from us!)

    Register now, and indicate which sessions you can participate in!

    If you're a leader and wanna help us deliver the program, tick the box and your mentor will get in touch ASAP!


    via Zoom - we'll send you the link to download it when you register, and each week you'll be sent a new meeting code.

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