Harry Potter, we all know the wizard. He’s brave, pretty self important, but always looking to save the day. 

I reckon if Harry were a muggle in Australia, he’d totes be part of the movement to stop the Adani coal mine. 

Hermione would be the brains of the operation, clearly. She’s be across Adani’s bad finances, ever increasing debt, and convincing institutions not to fund it. 

Ron would be the kind friend who who always backs you, doesn’t really know what to do, but he’ll wave a ‘honk to stop Adani’ sign for days on end on the side of the road.

Adani’s plans to build a giant coal mine in Queensland threaten our future in the same way that Voldemort threatened the wizarding community.

We mustn’t be afraid to speak his name. Guatam Adani. The man whose company is in billions of dollars of debt, who destroyed the homes and rivers of thousands of people in India, and who has been embroiled in corporate corruption scandals

We cannot afford to wait for someone else to stop him. Harry didn’t wait for the Ministry of Magic to fix the problem, he got to work making sure that there was a powerful resistance against the Dark Lord, doing what they needed to do to defeat him.

And likewise, we cannot expect that the Turnbull government will act in the best interests of our generation. They certainly haven’t proven to be of any use so far. 

Voldemort used similar tactics to that of Adani. He has made friends in high places, used intimidation to get what he wanted, and has placed politicians at the head of the NAIF funding board. 

But in the end, good defeated evil. And so will we. 

There are a few horcruxes left to destroy before Adani’s mine will be dead forever. 

Horcrux 1: $1 billion government hand out to Adani

Because Adani are strapped for cash and no Australian bank wants to touch their project, the Government have been rather noisy about the fact that they want to give Adani a billion dollar handout from taxpayers through NAIF. Yeah nah, not going to let that happen.

Horcrux 2: Environmental approval for the mine

Josh Frydenberg, our Minister for the Environment, approved this mine. He did that knowing that it would not only destroy vast swathes of Queensland, but also warm the Great Barrier Reef. Right now, there are voices calling for the environmental approval to be revoked in light of the worst over Reef mortality in history. We agree. 

Horcrux 3: Adani Ltd

And then there is Adani the company, itself a horcrux. To stop the expansion of the coal industry in this country, we must stop Adani for good. 

If Dumbledore’s Army is the youth climate movement, then Power Shift is your room of requirement. It has appeared when we need it most - at a time when the world has a very clear choice to make - growing up living in fear of extreme weather events, or shift the world to a cleaner, fairer, more kind society. 

You can shift the power away from those death eaters in Canberra, to the will of the people. Australians want a better future to look forward to, powered by renewable energy and fair to all people. 

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It might be scary, it might feel like you’re alone - but remember, as Dumbledore says: 

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”