Our movement for climate justice is powerful because of the dedication and passion of young people of all identities and walks of life. This IDAHOBIT, we're sharing and celebrating the stories of just a few of the LGBTIQA+ legends who give their time, energy, love and creativity to fight for a more just world every day!  

Jordan Rowand

“I entered the youth climate movement as a closeted queer person, but when I realised there was a space for people like me, I ran out of that closet faster than you can say ‘climate justice’. My involvement with AYCC has not only been pivotal in honouring my identity but has allowed me to find a community of like-minded young people who are standing up and fighting for a safe climate future!”

Nyah Shahab

"Although being gay is beautiful and empowering, it makes me understand what it is like to be the little guy in certain situations. I am lucky that being queer is not always something that negatively impacts me day to day. But First Nations people and Pacific Islanders do not have it this easy. The impacts of climate change are something they have to face constantly, not being able to pick and choose the situations in which they suffer. I understand that this is not fair, and I refuse to sit idly by and allow our climate to change and planet to be destroyed when I am currently one of the least impacted by its results."

Briar Rolfe

“I grew up in a rural area and was petrified of coming out. When I started interning at the AYCC, I met other queer people and realised I didn’t have to choose between being true to myself and being happy! The AYCC was my first ever queer family and they’ve made me proud to be who I am—and who I am turns out to be a massive nonbinary who won’t EVER shut up about climate justice!”

Kelly Albion

“The youth climate movement is an incredible place to grow up, you get to live your truest life AND change the world. As a queer young person, I know that when we see that our struggles are connected, we are so much more powerful than when we work alone.”

Maddie Sarre

"It warms my heart so much to think of all the queer activists in generations before us who have struggled and fought so hard for LGBTIQA+ rights. They're the reason I can be myself and date whoever I want to. This is what inspires me to fight for climate justice because I know that what happens now will affect every generation to come."

Olivia Hill

"Being queer is the best! Our movement is the greatest place to work out who you are because there is so much love and support!

We fight for our future every day and in our future there is no homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. All of our fights for justice are connected and we are so much stronger when we stand together. Solidarity (forever) ✊"


AYCC will always stand with LGBTIQA+ young people in the fight for a fairer future where everyone, everywhere can be proud of who they are. We're committed to building a stronger, more inclusive and diverse movement every day 🏳️‍🌈