I am a Millennial, and there are 6.1 million of us, just in Australia. We are the children of the boomers, the largest generation Australia has ever seen. Often our generation gets the short end of the stick, and I know at times I feel powerless to create change. Particularly, with the government making decisions that affect our future.

Young people are already struggling with an expensive housing market, underemployment, stagnating wages and climate change. I know I am not alone in this frustration, with a recent survey finding that the youth of Australia are frustrated with the way the country is being run. Even though the Prime Minister has said the greatest resources this country has to offer are the people, there is still a generation that feel disenfranchised.

However, not all hope is lost, a couple of things I learnt recently helped to change my perspective. Not only are we the children of the largest generation, and recent statistics have shown that we are in fact larger than the boomers, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2014 finding there were 6.1 million millennials in Australia, compared to 5.5 million Boomers.

But through my time with the AYCC, I have come to find that many of the boomers support our fight and worry about our generation and the future we face. Whether that’s through donating, raising awareness or taking action in their community #notallboomers.

This gives me hope, because it proves we are not alone in the fight to be heard. United, we have the potential to be powerful and Prime Minister Turnbull ignores us at his own peril. We make up a significant portion of the population and have a right to be represented.

We will continue the fight against the likes of Adani, and we will not stop until we succeed. Young people are powerful and Power Shift serves as a reminder that when like-minded people are united there is hope.

You shouldn’t feel alone in this fight, united we are powerful. 

That’s why you should come to Power Shift: http://powershift2017.org.au