How to #StopAdani this election

For the last 6 years, community groups, Queenslanders, and people across the world have been working to ensure a safer future where we can thrive - powered with the latest clean technology, where communities have a say over their land, people are treated fairly, and we have long term, reliable jobs to count on. A future where the coal in central Queensland stays in the ground to protect our planet from the impacts of global warming.

The only remaining proposed mine in the Galilee Basin belongs to Indian mining billionaire Adani. And that’s the one we’re going to stop.


No bank wants to touch this controversial project, so Adani’s only option is to plead for taxpayer funds from Federal and Queensland governments.

As people power has been building and renewable energy booming, coal companies have been fighting for their lives, lining the pockets of our politicians to get their support - whether that’s dodgy environmental approvals, taxpayer funded handouts, or free unlimited water supply.

Right now, the government is considering handing 1 billion taxpayer dollars to Adani through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF). That’s $1 billion for a coal mining billionaire to dig up Queensland, destroy the Reef and irreparably damage our climate.


The Queensland government has the power to block this loan. That’s what we’re going to force them to do.

We know the only thing more important to politicians than money is power. And if politicians feel like they’re going to lose their seats, they’ll change their tune pretty quickly.

That’s why we’re going to make the dangerous Adani coal mine a top election issue. Together we’ll call out party leaders on their climate hypocrisy, on their behind closed doors deals, and on their blatant disregard for our Great Barrier Reef and our climate.

If you’re under 30, join the movement to stop Adani this election by signing up to volunteer here.

Top 5 reasons why Adani’s coal mine is the worst idea ever:

Wrecks our climate

To keep global warming below 2 degrees, 90% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground. It makes no sense to dig a coal mine that will fuel more of the dangerous extreme climate events we’re witnessing - bushfires, heatwaves, cyclones and floods.

Trashes Indigenous Land Rights

The Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners have said no to this mine on their land over and over again. If the government wants to build this mine they will have to compulsorily acquire their land, destroy their land, water and sacred sites..

Coal kills

The mining, transport, and burning of coal kills people. The world is moving on from this dangerous dirty fuel. Coal is the biggest single cause of air pollution in Australia, contributing to 3,000 deaths every year. Air pollution kills an estimated 3 million people globally each year, with the burning of coal a key contributor.

Adani can’t be trusted

From allegations of offshore tax dodging to inflated jobs claims and corruption, Adani has a history of shonky behaviour that has wrecked communities and the environment. Adani companies are under investigation for corruption, fraud, money laundering and tax evasion in India, and nine of the 20 Adani subsidiaries registered in Australia are ultimately owned by an entity registered in the infamous Cayman Islands tax den. 

Robs our water

Adani will draw billions of litres of water from the Great Artesian and other precious basins, for free, threatening farmers and groundwater. The scale of Adani’s mine, and the other nine mines proposed for the Galilee Basin, will have enormous and irreversible impacts on Queensland’s groundwater resources and risk the pollution of local rivers.


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