How To Give A F*** About The Climate

Do you kinda care about the climate, but reckon you should give more of a F**? Or do you REALLY give a F*** about climate change, and wanna know more about what's going on with it, why it matters, and how to make other people care?
Join the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and learn why you should really give a F*** about the climate, and how to help other people give as much of a F*** as you at this FREE presentation and workshop!
This Sunday session includes:
  • Presentation on who's responsible for climate impacts in Australia today
  • Facts, tips & tricks for when you're having a tough convo about climate change
  • Workshop for practicing those convo skills, so people who give less of a f*** than you come away giving a whole lotta f***s!
  • Ways for you to take your giving a f*** further and taking meaningful climate action here in Townsville!
  • Snacks (free) and drinks (for purchase) so you can have a good time while you're doing it!

This event is open to all ages, though alcohol will be available for purchase by those 18 and over.

September 23, 2018 at 3:30pm - 7pm
Tom's Tavern
186 Nathan St
Aitkenvale, QLD 4814
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