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  • published GHD 2019-09-09 17:36:42 +1000

    GHD: Build our future, not Adani's mine or rail

    Climate change is here and now. We’re seeing it’s catastrophic impacts every day like the recent bushfires in Queensland. We know that burning fossil fuels, like coal, release dangerous amounts of carbon emissions fuelling dangerous climate change, which is why the best available science is imploring us to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

    Here’s why as young people we are calling on GHD to build our future not Adani’s coal mine and rail project: 

    • Adani will open the Galilee Basin and burning all that coal will release 705,000,000 tonnes of carbon each year. That’s more than 1.3 times Australia’s current annual emissions! (1)
    • Our future is on the line - exacerbated droughts are impacting our food security and water resources, heatwaves are becoming increasingly dangerous to the most vulnerable in our communities and extreme natural disasters like bushfires or cyclones threaten the places we love. (2)
    • The Adani rail line, which GHD is possibly working on, will likely help several other coal mines in the Galilee Basin to proceed, like Clive Palmer’s ‘monster’ Alpha North Coal Mine Project. (3)
    • Adani is in it for themselves. Another company, Aecom, had to take Adani to court just to get the money they were owed. (4)
    • Adani’s coal is going to make power more expensive for communities in India and Bangladesh. (5)
    • We want to build a better future that’s powered by the wind and the sun and GHD could lead the way. 

    As a staff member of an employee-owned company, your voice is powerful and we’re asking you to show us the strong leadership we need to see right now.

    Please fill out this anonymous survey, with simple questions that will let your share your thoughts in 2 minutes. The survey is completely secure. It will take you to the Market Forces website but no data will be recorded, tracked or traced to you. 




    (1) Will Steffen, Galilee Basin: Unburnable Coal, Climate Council, 2015 https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/uploads/af9ceab751ba2d0d3986ee39e1ef04fd.pdf 

    (2) David Roberts, This graphic explains why 2 degrees of global warming will be way worse than 1.5, 7/10/2018 https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2018/1/19/16908402/global-warming-2-degrees-climate-change 

    (3) Michael Slezak, Clive Palmer seeks approval for 'monster mine' next door to Adani, 26/4/2018, https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-26/clive-palmer-seeks-approval-for-monster-mine-near-adani/9698680 

    (4) Mark Ludlow, Adani refuses to pay for work on Carmichael mine, 14/5/2019, https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/adani-challenging-payments-to-aecom-for-work-on-carmichael-mine-20190514-p51n3w

    (5) IEFFA, IEEFA Report: Proposed Coal-Fired Project for Bangladesh Is a High-Priced Scheme Meant to Prop Up Adani Power, 10/4/2018 http://ieefa.org/ieefa-report-proposed-godda-power-project-just-another-financially-unviable-prop-for-adani/

  • Reflections in light of the Pacific Islands Forum

    As people living in Australia, our role in all this is clear. We must follow the leadership of the Pacific and fight to keep coal and gas in the ground. Adani’s mine, if it goes ahead, will open the Galilee Basin to thermal coal exporters - causing climate havoc, specifically to the people who did the very least to contribute to climate change. There are so many reasons to stop Adani’s mine and this fight has been a long, tiring one. But the Pacific leaders calls to action renews my energy to keep going. This fight is too important to sit on the sidelines at such a critical moment.

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  • published Call GHD to #StopAdani 2019-08-06 12:24:34 +1000

    Call GHD to #StopAdani




    108 i calleds

    We know that Adani has caused a massive wedge within GHD and after the Week of Action- they're really feeling the pressure. Right now, we've got their attention so this is our moment to make sure that GHD knows how loud & powerful our movement is.

    We know that for us to have a safe climate future, we need to stop Adani’s mine. And we won’t compromise on that, as GHD is quickly learning!

    Call GHD now to #StopAdani!

    • Melbourne office: (03) 8687 8000
    • Brisbane office: (07) 3316 3000

    Hi, my name’s _____ and I’m from _____

    I’m calling because I’m really concerned that GHD is working on Adani’s coal & rail project.

    Adani’s mine is a disaster for our climate and GHD should not be working on that project - either mine or rail - when it will have such disastrous impacts to young people’s future. I want to see GHD committed to projects that will build our future- not exacerbate climate catastrophe.

    Could you please make sure my message is passed onto the Executive Management Team of GHD?

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  • published School Striker's Summer 2018-11-27 15:13:17 +1100

    School Striker's Summer

    Thanks for participating in the school strike! All around Australia, thousands of school students striked to send a strong message to our politicians and in the process, inspired students from all around the world to participate. 

    These last few weeks, we’ve really seen the power of young people in calling for climate action and this summer, like the weather, we’ll be bringing the heat so politicians know they need to act now!

    Next year is a Federal election and while not all young people will be able to vote- the School Strike showed us that all young people can have a big impact!

    Sign up for our summer of climate action and we’ll be in touch this week to let you know the plan.

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