Hassan Saleh Saleh

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    Thank you! Can you chip in to make sure a billion dollars isn't wasted?

    Thank you so much for sending your feedback!  

    The world is rapidly moving towards renewable energy, but Malcolm Turnbull still wants to publicly fund Adani’s dangerous coal mine. 

    Together, we can make sure they don't spend this money. Will you chip in a small donation to help run cheeky, fun campaigns that ensure our money is better spent?

    We know that with your support it can happen!


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    Dear PM,

    I’d rather you spend the billion dollars on Renewable energy, health, education and housing that handing it to Adani.

    What would you rather spend a billion dollars on?

    The federal government is looking at giving a billion dollars to the dangerous Adani coal mine in Queensland. So we thought we'd ask: What would you rather spend it on?

    Renewable energy? Education? Health Care? 

    Together, we can send a loud message to our government: This dangerous Adani mine is a waste of taxpayer money.