Hans Sipsma

  • donated 2019-01-19 08:32:08 +1100

    Thank you for signing! It's now or never in the fight to stop Adani. Can you chip in $3 to make sure we stop this dangerous coal mine?

    BREAKING: Adani have just had their groundwater management plan approved. 

    Overnight minimums of 35 degrees in NSW. 50-degree days in regional South Australia. Escalating bushfire risk across the country. This is the impact of climate damage here and now.

    We need to climate action to stop these events getting worse. That means standing up to the coal lobby and stopping fossil fuels, starting with Adani.

    Together, we need to send a loud message to our political leaders - Stop Adani now! 

    With your support:

    • $3 will us spread the word about the urgent need to stop the dangerous Adani coal mine!
    • $8 will help put a big beautiful Stop Adani sign in the hands of a young person at Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison's media events
    • $27 will help us mobilise hundreds of young people through text-outs, calls and social media
    • $55 will help train young people to take action on the Adani coal mine

    We need to URGENTLY ramp up the pressure to make sure our political leaders Stop Adani. 

    Will you chip in $3 to help Stop Adani before it's too late?