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Engineering firm GHD’s contract with Adani ends this month – but they’re yet to rule out signing new contracts with the mining giant.

If GHD walked away from the project it could leave Adani with nobody to build key parts of their monstrous coal mine.

That’s why thousands of young people are sending an Open Letter to GHD executives requesting a meetingasking them to commit to building our future, not Adani’s coal mine.

But with the decision being made in just two weeks, we need everyone to sign onto the Open Letter right now to build massive public pressure on GHD to take the meeting.

Can you sign the Open Letter to GHD executives demanding they meet with young people seeking to protect our future?

Dear GHD executives,  

We are calling on you and GHD to immediately end your relationship with Adani’s Carmichael coal project, and help us build a clean energy future for young people instead.

As young people we are concerned about how opening up new coal mines could turbocharge the growing impacts of climate change, and what this will mean for our futures.

We are seeking an urgent meeting with you to discuss our concerns. 

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