In the fight to stop Adani’s coal mine, our future is on the line. Adani are making out like they’re ready to build this mine right now, but there’s a big piece of the puzzle missing: they don’t actually have anyone on the ground to build it for them. They’re also missing insurance and a whole bunch of  approvals needed to break ground - so there’s no coal coming out of the ground any time soon!

After a heap of research, we reckon there are only a handful of contractors thinking of building the mine - and GHD is one of the major contenders (no, they don’t make hair-straighteners).  GHD is an engineering and construction contractor who has been working with Adani and could be hired to build their mega coal mine and rail line. So we need them to know what an absolutely TERRIBLE and risky idea that would be.

We asked for a meeting with GHD and they blatantly refused to even talk to us, so right now, we need to send a strong message to GHD: working with Adani is a really bad idea.  They need to hear that young people in Queensland, like me and thousands of others, want a brighter future, with jobs they can rely on that don’t compromise on our climate, our health or workers’ rights.

When governments fail to protect our future, we take the fight to corporations. And with many of Adani’s last government approvals being rushed through, our best path to stop them is pressuring companies like GHD to stand up for our future and not work on Adani’s mine.

Together, our movement has achieved so much that we were told was impossible. A few years ago, the Big 4 Australian banks were lining up to fund Adani’s coal mine - but the power of the youth climate movement - having conversations with staff and customers and challenging their brand - made sure that all four walked away! I was there as a volunteer - and it was an incredible feeling, knowing that our moral voice and dedication to climate justice can win out in the face of all odds. 

We can do the same thing once again and make sure that GHD and any other contractor knows there’s absolutely no social licence for doing business with Adani. Use our easy tool to send an email now!

This year has seen young people step up and fight for our future like never before. And with people across the continent backing us in, we can be a powerful moral voice demanding contractors choose ethical, sustainable projects over Adani’s climate-wrecking coal mine. 

I’ll keep you updated with a bunch more ways to get involved as we build and grow this campaign together.