GHD: Build Our Future, Not Adani's Mine

GHD are one of the engineering and construction companies that Adani could hire to build their climate-cooking coal mine. Call GHD now and show there’s no social licence or business case for siding with Adani.

Call Now: (03) 8687 8000

Here are some talking points to help you on the phone:

  • Hi, my name’s (your name) and I was wondering if I could speak to Dean McIntyre. If not, could I leave a message with you?
  • I am calling because I am very concerned that GHD could be working on Adani's climate-wrecking Carmichael Mine & Rail project.
  • We don’t trust Adani with my future and you shouldn’t trust them with your business.
  • A court recently ruled that Adani owes another contractor Aecom $12 million for the work they did on the project and now Adani is suing them AGAIN to get out of paying them anything. Do you want that for GHD?
  • Working with Adani goes against GHD’s strong values of sustainable and socially responsible business. I want GHD to be a part of building my future with renewable projects, like your battery project in Townsville, not a coal mine that will endanger the future of young people.
  • Can you tell me whether GHD has plans to do anymore business with Adani?

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