GHD AGM: Put our clean energy future on the agenda!

As over 130 fires rage across the east coast, the last few days have shown us all what the climate crisis brings.

If we want to prevent these climate disasters becoming more frequent, we need engineering businesses like GHD to invest in a clean energy future – not more climate wrecking coal mines like Adani’s.

That’s why we’re all coming together to send a message directly to GHD staff at their staff Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday — ensuring they know exactly what’s at stake.

We’ll jam the internet around the area with our personal messages – using creative digital advertising to deliver our messages straight to the phones of every GHD staff member.

Every time a GHD staffer uses their phone to go online they’ll see a message from a young person asking them not to destroy our futures. 

Can you send a personal message directly to GHD staff at their AGM, asking them to build our future — not Adani’s mine?

Will you sign?

Help us reach our goal of 526 your messages