Malcolm, keep your promise: no funding for Adani's dangerous coal mine.

Malcolm made a promise to you during the election campaign that there would be no public funding for Adani’s mega coal projects. 

Now, he has broken that promise and is offering a $1billion handout to Adani to build their rail line and coal mine as part of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF). It's also a pipe dream - Adani have said that they don't really need the NAIF money, they're just asking for it because it's there (what an insult to the Australian taxpayer)! 

If Adani do get this $1billion funding, then it makes it more likely that domestic and international banks will back it in too. We can't let this happen, so we've got to show how unpopular this move is. 

Sign the petition calling on Malcolm to put Adani's applications for the dangerous Carmichael coal projects in the bin so the coal in the Galilee Basin stays underground where it belongs. 


What would you rather spend a billion taxpayer dollars on? Let Malcolm Turnbull know by taking a selfie with this poster. 


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Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

During the election you promised that there would be no public funding for Adani’s mega coal projects, please make sure any of their applications for a loan from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund are put in the bin.

Will you sign?

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