Interested? Digital Climate Justice Fellowship

The climate crisis is happening NOW. We know colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy are some of the big causes. So let's fix it together. This fellowship will give you the skills and understanding of climate justice to make a difference. Right now.

That’s why we’re launching our Digital Climate Justice Fellowship our first ever online training program that’ll bring together young people from all across the country to fight back against the fossil fuel industry’s dirty influence.

You’ll learn everything you need to be a leader in the fight for climate justice. We’ll do a deep dive on the systems of power which caused the climate crisis, in-depth campaign strategies, how to build kick-ass teams to take down the fossil fuel industry, and actions you can take while stuck inside!

It's perfect for if you're new to the AYCC or climate justice.

Register here for an expression of interest, and we'll be in touch when the next cohort begins!

Let us know you're interested here and we'll let you know when the next cohort begins!

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