Climate Election

In the lead up to the Federal Election, you placed climate at the top of the agenda, by:

  • Enrolling over 3,000 young people to vote for the first time, and updating the details of 2,000 young people. The enrolment rate is now at 88.9% nationally
  • Supporting volunteers in 55 local groups to have 100,000 conversations with voters and asking them to vote for our future this election
  • Gaining over 2,000 media hits between March and May about the youth climate movement
  • Supporting volunteers to hand out 50,000 climate scorecards at 30 voting booths around the country
  • Helping the climate and environment become the top concerns for young people

Despite the unexpected election outcome, you, me, and thousands of young people across the country will continue the fight for climate justice.

Together, we can be bigger and bolder than ever before - and uncompromising in our vision for a fairer, and brighter world.

Our future is at stake, and climate justice means working in more regional areas and with communities most impacted by the fossil fuel industry. Your ongoing support will continue to build the renewables revolution from the ground up.