Email GHD Executives now!

Engineering firm GHD’s current contract with Adani ending this month, giving us a short window of opportunity to put a major dent in Adani’s plans.

If GHD walked away it would leave Adani with nobody to build key parts of their mine – but so far they’ve refused to rule out signing new contracts with the mining giant.

That’s why over 5,000 young people wrote an open letter to GHD requesting a meeting. And that’s why we’re flooding the emails of GHD executives with our messages to back in their call.

We want GHD’s execs to have to look young people in the eye before they make their decision – so we can ask them not to destroy our futures for corporate profits.

Can you stand with young people seeking to Stop Adani by emailing GHD executives to demand they accept our request for a meeting?