We always knew that regardless of the end result, there’s no denying that climate change was a defining issue of this election campaign - and young people made that happen. And we’re incredibly fired up to hold the next term of government accountable to step up, kick coal out of politics and protect our future.

Right now, we know that the Coalition Government, who’s spent the last six years propping up the big polluters and cooking our climate, has just been elected for another term.

Scott Morrison’s government got away with the lie that their policies are effective to tackle climate change. They were backed in every step of the way by the coal industry, Adani and Clive Palmer, and their mates in the conservative media, who spent up big on a scare campaign to divide people, lie about employment numbers and sell Queenslanders false, short-term solutions about money and jobs from the coal industry - instead of making a real plan for the region to thrive with renewables. But we’ve taken on these forces before, and won, and we’ll do it again.


Every single person fighting for climate justice should be so incredibly proud of what we achieved together in this election period.


We turned out in the streets in unprecedented numbers, told a powerful story in the media that reached millions, saw record numbers of young people turning up to vote, and had conversations with voters right across the country to build a public mandate for real climate leadership.

Together, we created waves of conversations around dinner tables, in schools, universities and workplaces. Climate change consistently polled as the number one issue for voters, it was on top of Google searches on political issues in the lead up to the election, and ABC’s Vote Compass found that 80% of voters want stronger government action on climate change.


If the incoming Coalition Government think they can continue ignoring questions about climate change and propping up the big polluters, they have another thing coming.


This election saw young people step up and fight for our future like never before - and we are never backing down.

Now is the moment to get the message to everyone who’s been sitting on the sidelines for the last few months or years, hoping someone else would step up and lead on climate change: that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and it’s going to take all of us.

Like you and so many millions of others, we refuse to believe that a handful of wealthy fossil fuel corporate bosses are more powerful than the people of Australia or could ever possibly win in the face of our powerful social movement. There is an unstoppable groundswell of people here and around the world ready to solve the crisis.

Together, we will continue to build our movement and fight for a future for all young people which sees us stop Adani, rapidly phase out coal and gas, and replace it with renewable energy from the sun and the wind.

We’ve got a lot more work to do to bring people along with us, to show the solutions of a just transition to clean energy jobs and to an economy that puts people before corporate profits - one that values the type of work that’s about caring for people and our environment, so no-one feels they have to choose between a job and our future.

Through organising, conversations, and building our clean energy future from the ground up, we’ll make sure that people feel supported and secure enough to be brave and back in ambitious plans to act on climate change.

I'm so grateful to every single person that is making this movement so powerful. For now, let’s catch our breath, have a cup of tea, cuddle some puppies and get ready to keep up the momentum in the days, weeks and months ahead.