EFIC FAIL - No Public Money for Adani!

Turnbull’s new plan to protect the Reef doesn’t mention addressing climate change or stopping Adani, the world’s biggest coal mine on the Reef’s doorstep...

Instead he wants to prop up Adani. Nobody wants to fund Adani’s climate-cooking, Reef-wrecking, land-destroying coal mine - so Adani’s taking every opportunity to get itself propped up with your money!

Adani’s representatives met secretly with federal Trade and Tourism Minister Steven Ciobo and his government agency, the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) - a new slush fund for mining companies - to get taxpayer dollars for the dodgy corporation’s suppliers.

It’s time to call Steven Ciobo out on his EFIC fail and these shady backroom deals to salvage Australia’s biggest proposed coal mine with up to $1 billion in public subsidies.

The Minister for Tourism shouldn’t be subsidising global warming with your tax dollars, especially when climate change is the number one threat to the Great Barrier Reef.

Intense community pressure already stopped $1 billion of public money propping up Adani via the NAIF loan. If we turn up the heat in his home electorate on the Gold Coast, we can convince Minister Ciobo, the Turnbull Government and their EFIC agency to say NO to publicly funding Adani and other new thermal coal projects.

Add your name to tell Minister Ciobo, EFIC and the Turnbull Government - no taxpayer dollars for dangerous new coal projects like Adani!

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