Last week Brandis sneakily tried to change the Native Title Act but he didn’t get away with it.

That’s because you were there to stop him (or at least slow him down)

But we need your help again to finish the job - call for a fresh enquiry into Native Title that actually listens to and engages our people. Click here to call on Labor and the crossbench to stop Brandis in his tracks.

If we can get enough people to call Labor and the crossbench we can stop Brandis from pushing these changes through and get them to extend the enquiry so our mob can have their say on these matters that affect us. 

Today, the interim report from the committee will be tabled in Parliament, today is the time to push for an extension to this inquiry.

As someone who took action to stand up for land rights, I wanted to give you the down low on what’s happened so far:

Brandis gave people 1 week to make submissions (normally submissions are open for at least 3 months), and failed to let most Native Title groups know about it. Then he gave people 24 hours notice to get to the only public hearing in Brisbane.

Since then, over 25,000 people signed the land rights petition and over 10,000 people made a submission to the inquiry (that still haven’t been made public), and on very short notice we hosted an action in Brisbane:

Native Title is crucial to determining what happens on country, and protecting our culture from coal, gas and other mining companies who have a single minded focus of destroying our land. 

Please take this 5 minutes action today, call Labor and the crossbench and tell them to support an extended inquiry into Native Title. We’ve put together some talking points for you to guide you through the conversation, call today.

We slowed Brandis in his tracks from his plans to strip land rights to benefit his mining mates, now we need to get a real enquiry for our people.

Let’s finish the job and make sure Brandis doesn’t trash Native Title forever.

Larissa, on behalf of the whole Seed team.