Be a #StopAdani Citizen Detective

So, you wanna stop Adani? Use this guide to research your local Labor MP or candidate to find out where they’ll be, what motivates them, and where they stand on new coal mines.


Step 1: Who is your local Labor MP or candidate?

You can find your local MP here, and see if they’re a Labor party member.

If you’re looking for your local Labor candidate, you can find them here.

Sign up to their mailing list on their website to receive regular email updates, invites to local events, and propaganda to understand what they’re saying. Every MP has an e-newsletter.  Set up a Google News Alert — for example for “Bob Smith MP” — to receive an email whenever your MP is in the news.


Step 2: What are they about?

Politicians are usually passionate about particular issues and constituents in their electorate. Some politicians have portfolios for issues they speak on behalf of the party for (you can find that on the ALP website).  Look them up on Wikipedia, the APH website or just a google search to find out what issues they’re keen on. Reading their maiden speech from their first day in Parliament is a good way to find out what they’re passionate about too.

Take a deeper look and find out what factions they are part of and what unions they align themselves with by googling their name and the word faction, or often Wikipedia will know (Labor Left, Labor Right). You might meet with someone you know who volunteers or works in their office, or if you can’t find any info online, why not just call their office!


Step 3: Where do they hang out?

Find their Facebook page and look through their photos - what markets do they go to, are they hosting any doorstops or BBQs, what forums have they got coming up?

Add details spreadsheet of upcoming events that they’ll be at, and work out your strategy for each event, and who from your group will attend. Track your activities in this spreadsheet here (only accessible by aycc email addresses)


Step 4:  What Stop Adani angle will work best for them?

Do they care about local climate change impacts (maybe), do they care about young votes in their electorate (probably), are they an “economic realist”, do they care about trade, coal miners or workers? Use their frames to call on them to Stop Adani. See more in this “How to lobby your MP” guide, and this guide for how to pester them into a no new coal mines or #StopAdani position.