Demand an Independent Inquiry into the Impacts of Fossil Fuel Donation on Australia’s Climate Policy

Big coal, oil and gas companies donated over a million dollars to major political parties last year to keep pushing their climate-cooking agenda [1]. And when neither major party will back a transition away from fossil fuels, you’ve got to ask: who’s really in charge here?

These same companies profit from the government subsidies and taxpayer funding that are propping up their toxic industry. Not only that - but they’re proud of it! Last year, the Minerals Council of Australia explicitly said that it uses donations to buy access to MPs, who are supposed to be working in the best interests of their constituents [2].

It’s beyond disgusting.

We need this behaviour to be investigated at the highest level. Sign the petition for an independent Federal inquiry to find out how increasing donations from the fossil fuel industry to major political parties contributes to climate inaction in Parliament.

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