Pledge to Vote Climate

This election, our future is on the line. Add your name and show that action on climate change will shape how you vote on May 18.

We have the solutions to the climate crisis. This election, our generation demands:

1. People over profits. The money and influence of the fossil fuel industry is holding us back from climate action. We need to transform our politics and put people before wealthy vested interests.

2. Keep it in the ground. If we want a safe climate future, we cannot afford to mine and burn any more fossil fuels. That means we have to stop Adani’s mine, stop fracking, and transition away from coal and gas asap.

3. Embrace 100% renewables. Our communities are already building the renewable energy revolution from the ground up. It’s time for our politicians to get on board with a fast and just transition to the clean energy of the future; that means 100% renewable energy by 2030.